McDonald’s emoji ads. We’re lovin’ it

posted on 22/07/2015 by Sian Lenegan

You can’t miss the billboard and outdoor advertising campaign that McDonald’s is running using the emojis and strap line ‘good times‘ at the moment.

What’s so brilliant about the Mcdonald’s emoji adverts?

We think these are absolutely brilliant! The style suits Mcdonald’s already minimal design but they have done something special by using something that is so relevant and current. Everyone uses these emojis in their ‘What’s app’ messages daily. I have found myself actively trying to spot new ads to decipher and finding that friends are now sending emoji combinations to string sentences together.

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Why I hate crowdsourcing and specifically, 99designs

posted on 20/07/2015 by Sian Lenegan

Recently an old family friend, knowing that I run a branding agency, told me about their cousin setting up a new brand. It was for a new online publication aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, trail runners and adventure racers etc. Fantastic, such creative briefs don’t come along all the time.

Why_I_hate_crowdsourcing_designThey then sent me a link to the brief and it stopped me in my tracks. It was in the form of a contest on 99designs… After my initial outburst, I went home to my husband and began ranting, for what seemed to him to be for an eternity.

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Where is the world going?

posted on 09/07/2015 by Sian Lenegan

Where is the world going? What we predict for the future of marketing. 

Once upon a time a man named Ronald McDonald went into the burger business, or rather the real estate business. Buying up land for the fast food joints. There was something tangible there, I could probably reel off a few other examples of by-gone days and businesses.

However, something caught my eye today and it got me thinking, where is the world going? What does it mean for businesses, for marketing?

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Digital Designer Vacancy

posted on 29/06/2015 by Sian Lenegan

Want to work at Sixth Story? We're looking for a digital designer with a strategic approach to design to join our happy, hardworking, and handsome team. Click through to read more details about the job, we'd love to hear from you!

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Do you own the intellectual property to your company’s creative assets? 

posted on 25/06/2015 by Sian Lenegan

Confusing copyright laws and lack of well laid out contracts might leave some clients out in the cold when it comes to intellectual property and as shocking as it sounds, you might not be the rightful owner of your company’s creative assets.

If an employee has created content, creative assets or designs within your organisation then it’s quite clear that your organisation owns the rights to the work. But what happens when you’ve hired a creative agency or freelancer? You might be scratching your head and thinking that if you’ve commissioned an agency to produce creative work and you’ve paid your invoices, then of course you own it.

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Craft your marketing message

posted on 17/06/2015 by Sian Lenegan

In our previous blog we talked about building your perfect client profile which is the first step in understanding strategic marketing. The more you know about your target customer’s profile, the easier it will be to then craft the marketing message that will be engaging.

As brand communicators we want to be able to stop people in their tracks and take note of the communications we put out for our clients. We have learned tools, techniques and methods of doing this.

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Understanding Strategic Marketing

posted on 08/06/2015 by Sian Lenegan

Strategic Marketing

If you’re currently looking at sitting down to write a marketing plan to generate leads and sales for your business it can be quite daunting looking at a blank screen. Before you spend a penny or start working a new website, brochure, adverts or marketing campaign it’s mission critical to know who you are speaking to.

Before you think I’m stating the obvious and press that little x in the corner of your browser, I am going to let you in on an industry secret that’s going to triple your lead generation and sales in less than a month.

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Laravel 5 – PHP Framework for Web Artisan

posted on 05/05/2015 by Naveed Ziarab

Let’s be honest Laravel is the best thing happened to PHP developers since the release of PHP. Recently Taylor Otwell the creator of Laravel has released version 5 of Laravel and it has not disappointed its followers as it comes packed with developer-friendly features. We will cover some of the major changes and the advantages of using Laravel. So without further ado let’s dig right in.


Laravel 5 introduces namespaces. By default, every app is namespaced as app but you can easily change it using simple command php artisan app:name the-name The advantage of using namespace is that it avoids naming conflict between your app and third party libraries.  

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Google Says Yes to Responsive Websites.

posted on 20/04/2015 by Sian Lenegan

Yep, that’s right, Google have announced the changes to their search algorithms which now take into account whether a site is responsive. This information will now be a factor to determine your site’s ranking in Google’s search results. 

What is a Responsive Website?

A large amount of web traffic today comes from portable devices such as tablets and phones. This has presented a new challenge to web developers, as there are many devices being used to access websites which have a variety of different screen sizes.

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Why You Shouldn’t Use DIY Website Builders

posted on 16/04/2015 by Sian Lenegan

So you’re setting up a business and as it’s 2015 you will naturally need a website. You have a distant cousin who dabbles in a bit of web design but you decide to go it alone and get a DIY website from a well-known online service. Maybe you’ve seen their TV commercials, they do look pretty snazzy. 

You’re thinking that as a professional web design agency naturally we are going to convince you that a custom designed site will be better for your business.

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