Laravel 5 – PHP Framework for Web Artisan

posted on 05/05/2015 by Naveed Ziarab

Let’s be honest Laravel is the best thing happened to PHP developers since the release of PHP. Recently Taylor Otwell the creator of Laravel has released version 5 of Laravel and it has not disappointed its followers as it comes packed with developer-friendly features. We will cover some of the major changes and the advantages of using Laravel. So without further ado let’s dig right in.


Laravel 5 introduces namespaces. By default, every app is namespaced as app but you can easily change it using simple command php artisan app:name the-name The advantage of using namespace is that it avoids naming conflict between your app and third party libraries.  

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Google Says Yes to Responsive Websites.

posted on 20/04/2015 by Tim Sweeney

Yep, that’s right, Google have announced the changes to their search algorithms which now take into account whether a site is responsive. This information will now be a factor to determine your site’s ranking in Google’s search results. 

What is a Responsive Website?

A large amount of web traffic today comes from portable devices such as tablets and phones. This has presented a new challenge to web developers, as there are many devices being used to access websites which have a variety of different screen sizes.

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Digital Designer Vacancy

posted on 17/04/2015 by Sian Lenegan

Want to work at Sixth Story? We're looking for a digital designer with a strategic approach to design to join our happy, hardworking, and handsome team. Click through to read more details about the job, we'd love to hear from you!

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Why You Shouldn’t Use DIY Website Builders

posted on 16/04/2015 by Tim Sweeney

So you’re setting up a business and as it’s 2015 you will naturally need a website. You have a distant cousin who dabbles in a bit of web design but you decide to go it alone and get a DIY website from a well-known online service. Maybe you’ve seen their TV commercials, they do look pretty snazzy. 

You’re thinking that as a professional web design agency naturally we are going to convince you that a custom designed site will be better for your business.

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Winning website awards for YourVets

posted on 02/04/2015 by Sian Lenegan

yourvets_mockupWe were very proud to launch a fresh, new website for YourVets over 12 months ago and have been working closely with the company’s marketing manager to keep the site updated since then.

We’re so pleased to announce that the fruits of our labour have been recognised in the form of a Digital Award from the Veterinary Marketing Association (VMA).

Our client at YourVets sent us this certificate to showcase proudly in our studio with a note saying, “thank you for al the great work on the site, everyone loves it.”

This has absolutely made our year so far and we look forward to continuing our work on the website and further expanding our burgeoning niche in the veterinarian and pet supply market.

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Creative partnership & new brand for Eclectic Security

posted on 19/02/2015 by Sian Lenegan


When we set out to work with companies our initial conversations are always around the services we offer such as logo design or creating a website. We can’t help ourselves but get more involved in that, I can’t quite explain it but guess it can be summed up as a creative partnership.

We’re currently working with a start-up business or rather a new business born out of an evolution and we’ve busy creating their brand identity and will be going onto create a content strategy for marketing, defining their target audiences and strategies to target those.

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Creative Website Designs

posted on 24/10/2014 by Sian Lenegan

Being a team of creative website designers we thought we’d share our thoughts, ideas and inspiration on just that, creative website designs!

Over the past few months in the website design arena we’ve seen trends ranging from hand-drawn illustrations to the scrapbook look, script fonts and background textures from note pads to coffee rings. This was a nice movement away from the “web 2.0 look and feel” with glassy buttons that look like sweets and the shiny, dark web designs that lacked personality.

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Creative Website Design & Footers

posted on 06/09/2014 by Sian Lenegan

Web design should always be attractive and your company website could be the most powerful force in your marketing toolkit. The footer of a website has typically been a bit of a buckshee subject. Thanks to news websites and social media sites people are used to scrolling and we’re taking back the footer!

A creative website designer can use the space in the footer of the website to add value to the web design but also to your marketing efforts. It’s a great place to display information that doesn’t really fit in the overall structure, you can use this space for direct promotion of a project, add links which can include those all-important keywords.

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How much does a website cost?

posted on 30/08/2014 by Sian Lenegan

Website designers the world over get asked this question a lot. And the answer is, “well that really depends…”

The cost of a website design is going to vary depending on your requirements. Think of it like buying a car, there are varying levels of specification and the more bells and whistles you add, the higher the cost.

Then the budget is going to vary again depending on whether you’re speaking to a freelance web designer and again from web agency to agency.

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What does your business card say about you?

posted on 07/07/2014 by Sian Lenegan

The traditional business card…often an after thought logo at the top, name and contact details underneath. Whilst there is nothing wrong with a business card that is clear and communicates (after all that is what it needs to do). Your business card leaves your client with a lasting reminder of you and your company, if it is bland it will simply get forgotten and thrown on the pile of similar looking bland cards or worse still straight in the bin. A business card as small as it is has the ability to reinforce your brand values and market your company continuing to do so long after it has left your hands.

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