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Six Things

22 Jul 2014     written by Natalia Gutiérrez

Six things we’re loving this week

Six Things

15 Jul 2014     written by Natalia Gutierrez

Six things we’re loving this week

Six Things

08 Jul 2014     written by Natalia Gutiérrez

Six things we’re loving this week

New fishing clothing brand

04 Jul 2013     written by Sian Lenegan

We recently worked with a new emerging fishing clothing brand based in the UK to create a brand identity. The fishing apparel is designed to give a stylish yet functional aspect, we had to create a logo that would be fitting to clothing and appealing to fisherman in general. Although the logo icon has a… View full post

A rebrand for heritage Aluminium tube specialists

20 Jun 2013     written by Sian Lenegan

Sixth Story came upon the opportunity to work with a traditional British manufacturing company to give their brand a refresh. The brief was to take  aluminium tube producer Spartal’s logo and give it a more professional and modern look. One of the key elements was to reflect the heritage of their company located in the… View full post

Why isn’t my Twitter feed working? – Twitter API 1.1

18 Jun 2013     written by Paul Tibbetts

Twitter has officially retired version 1.0 of its API and updated it to version 1.1 But what does this mean for you? Here’s what Twitter themselves state is new : Improved rate limits JSON support only Authentication required on all endpoints Updated Developer Rules of the Road Developer Display Requirements New Twitter client policies Default… View full post

Is a good story enough?

11 Jun 2013     written by Sian Lenegan

We talk about storytelling a lot. It is really important but I wanted to dig a little deeper than just telling a good brand story. There’s one company which I’ve been exposed to recently that nicely demonstrates my thinking about storytelling and going that little bit deeper. Finding out what’s truly at the core of… View full post

Google’s Penguin 2.0 Update and what it means for your SEO

15 May 2013     written by Paul Tibbetts

Google’s upcoming Penguin 2.0 update for its search engine will be the biggest update since Penguin 1.0 back in April, 2012. Google are referring to the update as a webspam update which will be better at detecting blackhat SEO whilst increasing the ranking of sites with authority in their field, keeping users flowing to relevant… View full post

The Dangers of Speculative Design

09 May 2013     written by Lisa Barrett

As an agency we often get the opportunity to pitch for work. This can be an exciting process that involves a lot of time on our part in terms of planning, research, ideas generation and everything else that falls within our quoting process. In fact we can spend days preparing for a pitch. This is… View full post

The Social Media Mouse Trap

17 Apr 2013     written by Sian Lenegan

There’s a huge amount of hype (and sometimes hot air) around social media and content marketing all over the web, you can’t go far before you trip up over something to do with those buzz words. Sometimes I kind of get the feeling that Twitter is a little bit like a spectator sport… I see… View full post